Sunday 5 June 2011

A little bit of this and that.

A quick post.

Long ago, I watched and enjoyed the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's".  I vaguely knew that it was based (very loosely) on a novella by Truman Capote.  He is an author whom I knew practically nothing about, other than that I had it in my head that he was somewhat more of a celebrity than an author.

Last week when I trolled the meagre pickings on the English language shelves at our local library, I found this book which includes the novella, and three short stories.

How wrong I was about Truman Capote.  According to the wikipedia article, at the age of 11, he committed himself to writing.  And it shows.  His stories are masterful.  His observations of human nature shockingly true and compassionate.  I would highly recommend this collection.  (Kristin, thank you for asking for more recommendations!)

On the art front, over the past two weeks, my husband has been building a web-site for my paintings.  It's been an interesting and sometimes grueling process as he's never really done anything like this before.  His patience for non-sentient creatures (meaning the computer, not the paintings) is awe-inspiring.

Having taken photos of my latest series, I starkly realize that I've had the sea in my heart these past few months.  It's been trickling into my thoughts and my painting and even my writing.

Where this is all quickly leading to, is that tomorrow I'm off to the North East coast of England for a week's holiday.  I've chosen a place which I've never been to before - Robin Hood's Bay.  It's a tiny, former fishing / smuggling village built into the rocks overlooking the sea.

The call of the sea has been strong lately.  I don't quite know what that means, but I'm looking forward to a peaceful week alone with it.  I plan to do lots of writing, walking, thinking, and drawing.

When I return, I will post some photos and perhaps some thoughts on what the sea has whispered to me.

Wishing a good week to everyone.


  1. Ooooh Robin's Hood Bay. I've been there a couple of times and I'm sure you'll love it. Last time we went )admittedly a number of years ago now) we watched a wonderful old edwardian slide lantern show in an old fashioned theatre cum cafe there all lit with candles (probably highly illegal but it just added so much to the atmosphere). When we came out it had been snowing hard and all you could hear was that magical muffled quiet you get when it snows and the sound of the sea. I also remember falling over and sliding down one of the rather steep roads there which rather killed the moment, much to the hilarity of our children, but I won't go into that in too much detail! Have a lovely time Lynn, I look forward to seeing your new website when you get back.

    Kate x

  2. Seaside wanderings ~ how delightful! Have a lovely holiday! I'll look forward to hearing about it when you return...

  3. I'll look forward to seeing your new website when its finished! Have a great trip away exploring those smugglers caves... :)

  4. Beautiful painting... I would say it has a ocean quality to it.... Good luck finishing the web site, I look forward to seeing your work altogether.

  5. "Seaside rendezvous, woo hoo!" A bit of Queen to sing you into or outta vaca, depending on when you read this.

    I love trips to the ocean ... and I think on you and your connection to the sea and it brings up romantic notions ... I think of the French Lieutenant's Woman movie starring Meryl Streep, as a young woman, playing the protagonist walking the pier or is it jetty?

    Hope that you had a marvelous time ... & that it was everything that you imagined it would be.

  6. amazing.. I really do see the blue sea in your painting.. I hope you have/had a wonderful trip- the blue waters will inspire you even more.

  7. A week away in a seaside villa sounds heavenly, Lynn.
    I think of Van Gogh when it comes to paintings of the sea -- that little fishing village, the Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, with the sailboats navigating the rough waters.
    I think I saw some of them at a gallery once -- not sure which one.
    Have a lovely time, and hopefully one of us will one day cross the large pond so we can reconnect in the flesh.
    And yes, I did get your e-mail, and I will get back to you soon with a reply. By the way, my letter has once again been put on hold on its way to the mail box. Wouldn't you know it, but Canada Post just went on strike. Figures.
    Safe journey and talk to you soon.
    Love Kristin

  8. I hope you've had a wonderful time, Lynn!! Robin's Hood Bay is not so very far away from me (I'm on the other side of the Pennines) but I haven't been there since I was a little girl.

  9. That must have been magical, Kate, with the lantern show and the snow! I was wondering what it must be like there at other times of the year - like when it's snowy and icy and the bottom of the main road leads right into the sea at high tide. Hopefully your children at least thought to throw you a rope between giggles!

    I did much wandering, Donna! I'll post about it in a day or two. I'm still in holiday, slow motion... it's lovely...

    Carrie, there was one particular cave that looked so inviting, but I chickened out at the last minute because getting to it would have involved a rather athletic leap across a pool of water and slippery rocks as I - unfortunately - didn't have room to bring my Wellies.

    It's funny how the sea has been making its way into my paintings lately, Valerianna. The website is just about done. I just have to write up a blurb about myself and my work - something I am having trouble doing!

    It really was everything I had imagined, Jan. A perfect spot! There is something so Romantic about the sea. I wish I lived a bit closer to one.

    Donna, the sea is such an amazing source of inspiration. It will be interesting to see what comes of it in my new paintings.

    Yes, Kristin - the sea and painters! It holds such a fascination. Relentless, ever changing yet cyclical, the myriad of colours. I can't wait to get back at my paints. I look forward to your letter!

    It is well worth the trip, though it is difficult to get to unless one goes with a car - as there's no direct rail or bus route. But I suppose that's partly what adds to its pristine charm.

    Thank you all for your holiday well wishes!

  10. You'll love it - that's a wonderful part of the coast. Most of my childhood holidays were spent between Whitby and Runswick Bay...!

  11. That must have been paradise, Katherine! I would love to take my boys there some day. I had a fabulous time. It's unbelievably beautiful along there.