Wednesday 29 June 2011

New things.

Late this Spring, the Elderflowers were out in abundance.  I decided it was time to try making Elderflower Cordial - something I love, but had never made before.  There are many recipes on the internet, but I decided on this one.   In my search, I also came across a number of recipes for Elderflower Bubbly, or Fizz, or Champagne.  Thought I had to try it and used this recipe.  Then, armed with a large plastic bag, I went out one morning raiding the Elderflower trees which can be found all along my regular cycling route.   

Back home, I had a lovely, huge pile of the beautiful, star-like flowers and I took a bunch of photos.  Unfortunately, in an attempt to clean up my computer's desktop...I sort of deleted them.  Hmmm.

Well, here's what some of them looked like at the bottom of a pot.

Both concoctions turned out really well.  The home made cordial is so, so much better than any I've ever bought in a store - and it's dead easy to make.  A whole different world and you really get the essence of this enchanting flower.

The bubbly has a cloudy appearance, which - according to what I've read - is natural.

The other new things lately are my Website and Etsy shop.

I actually opened the Etsy shop back in December, put a couple of collages up, and didn't tell a soul about it.   Hmmm.  Again.  (Self-promotion is not a strong suite of mine.) There are now a few different collages on it and hopefully more to come soon.

And the Website is finished.  That was a difficult birth, but my husband did a great job putting it together.  (He's a singer, not a computer guy, so it was all new to him.)  I'll put links here if anyone wishes to take a gander: Website & Etsy.  

This whole process of getting the Website and the Etsy shop together has been interesting and has raised a number of questions for me about the marketing end of an artist's reality.  I think it's fair to say that many of us who create have a bit of a difficult time promoting our creations.  Part of the problem might be captured in the expression I used above: self-promotion.  We aren't really promoting ourselves, we're promoting our work - yet as an artist - whatever manner of art it happens to be - the work is an integral part of ourselves, and comes from those deep and often private places within us.  (Guess that explains the squiggly, uncomfortable feeling in my belly.)

The other interesting thing was how much the stress of putting the Website together took me out of  a creative groove.   I was so focussed on the various things that needed to be done - the decisions to be made; the inevitable crises in the form of computer glitches as well as entire batches of photos that needed to be retaken and endlessly tinkered with to look anything close to realistic - that I was in no shape for creating anything: very little painting, collage, or writing got done in the past week and a half.  (Which might be another contributor to the squiggly, uncomfortable feeling in my belly.)

But now I'm ready for this.  To get back to work.  It feels almost like entering a new phase.  And I'm quite looking forward to it.



  1. Dear Lynn,
    Thanks for sharing about your process. No doubt you will help others on their own particular routes through self-promotion, website, and etsy development. Leading by example, and all that. And I may be someone that you help, but I feel that it'll be a w-h-i-l-e before I do more than blog. Congrats on a positive outcome! Congrats on sticking with it! Congrats on having a hubby who believes in you!

    I just started another blog, that you may or may not be interested in:
    Dunno if you are into psi or if you feel like you are intuitive, but I find that many artists are ... artists are a sensitive lot.

    Your blogpal,

  2. ps I love your Oasis 1 painting ... feels like it connects on a deep level ... lovely. Your husband did a great job on your website!!!

  3. Kudos on your website and Etsy shop ~ they both look great!

  4. I have just enjoyed catching up on your trip to Robin Hoods bay and Whitby. Glad you enjoyed your break and felt inspired. Your beach walks and treasures, views and writing must have given you lots to think about at this lovely place.
    I popped over to etsy, put you in my favourites. Now off to see your website

  5. Thanks, Jan!
    Everyone has to do these things in their own time. I was intimidated by the idea of blogging until I took the plunge half a year ago. And you're right - I'm very lucky to have a husband who believes in what I do.

    Though I know nothing about psi, I will take stop by your new blog for a visit today.

    Thank you, Donna!

    Hi, Milly! You really inspired me with your beautiful drawings of the findings from your beach walks. Thanks for adding me to your favourites - I'm going to pop by your Etsy shop today.

  6. Wow, I was so empress when I saw the photos of Elderflower, and can't believe that it's a home made Elderflower Champagne.

  7. It is a beautiful flower, mythjen. And the Champagne very yummy!