Monday 12 November 2012

season and palette in the room of november dreams

The other day, I curated my first Etsy Treasury.
Here it is (though I can't get the formatting quite right, I'm afraid, and this post is reading all wonky.)

For those who aren't familiar with this - as I wasn't until very recently - it's when an Etsy user chooses up to 16 images of works for sale by other sellers and puts them together in a pictorial mosaic; usually under a theme.

I wandered through some of my favourite Etsy shops and picked items that caught my eye. Soon, a theme emerged.  Once it was all together, I gave it the title "in the room of november dreams."

The colours are muted: greys, pale or slaty blues, dusty beiges.  Colours I love.

When I got back to my own Etsy offerings, I was shocked by how different from these the colours in my recent collages are.

Pieces have a way of creating themselves.  And the ones I created in the past two months - when the trees outside were blazing with warm colour under an intensely blue sky - reflect that time.

But now, in November's muted mood, I feel my palette being affected once again.

Here's my latest collage.

(mixed media collage: 15 x 15 cm.)

Much more of a sober November feel.

It's fascinating to see how season can affect one's art.

(For those who read the earlier version of this post, no I wasn't referring to my skid when I mentioned my pallet, I'm just one of the world's worst spellers!  Foiled by spellcheck and English homophones once again!)


  1. Nice collection Lynn. I don't usually shop online, it would only lead to my being incarcerated in a Dickensian debtors' prison. Thanks for sharing some of what's in your 'room of November dreams' ... oh, and I like your most recent collage art, too! :D

    1. Thanks, Jan.
      Yes!! The specter of debtors' prison always looms with internet shopping! I tend to do far more "window shopping" than actual shopping. Plus, I'm still apprehensive about my financial data wandering around like errant digital knights going who knows where. Having said that, I did want to click the "purchase" button on each of the items in the treasury. It's so easy. Just one click...

  2. That's a beautiful treasury, i love the muted colours, so peaceful and what a perfect name too. Im intrigued also by how we as artists are affected by the colours of the seasons. I often thought my work is very Autumnal in its colours, but looking through my sketchbooks when im scribbling down ideas, it is affected & altered by hues of the seasons, hmm I never really noticed that before!

    1. Thanks, Ruthie. There are so many gorgeous items on Itsy, I'd love to make more treasuries.

      This being affected by the seasons is something I first noticed with my writing of all places, and have come to see also in my visual work. It's interesting how nature affects us: sometimes blatantly; sometimes more subtly.

      Sketchbooks are a great place to notice these changes and reactions and interactions. I have a habit of throwing mine out. (I go through these great purges of all my things once a year or so. Must stop that.)

  3. OOh Lynn, I used to throw away my old work & sketchbooks too and have none from my younger days apart from a very few pieces. How I wish i did still have them!

    1. I'm not the only one! It is such a shame not to have earlier work to look back on.

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