Wednesday 23 October 2013

the magical hour when all things turn from inside to out.

a pre dawn walk

 over cobblestone streets

through hugging mediaeval alleys

a city in the deepest night is a thing transformed
there's a deep and silent magic at work

my own thoughts twist in labyrinthine patterns and designs
which can only occur in an unpeopled crowd 
in the inside-out darkness

the wraith of the gothic cathedral, pride of Regensburg, looking as though a witching-hour sun 
is bursting from its windows
freed from the stone and glass

stained glass aglow in the city hall
and there is trickster work at play
a subtle möbius-like twisting of inside to outside

i'm just about done with my story
though not the final version
i've been doing a back and forth dance of finishing the first draft 
while at the same time doing a first round of edits on what's been written
it's for middle grade readers
there's an urban setting
and a girl
and a banshee
her banshee
and her best friend
and an adventure
in a museum
and in a phantom wing of a victorian insane asylum

i'm in the home stretch
of getting to know my story
my characters
my setting
after that, the fun shall really begin


  1. Truly wonderful, particularly the shot of the steps under the archway. Good luck with the characters on the home stretch.

    1. Thank you, Charlotte. That shot came out a bit grainy, but that seems to add to its mystique!

  2. Lovely atmospheric images,like stills from a film.
    Thanks for taking us along.


    1. So glad you liked them, Ruby. You're right, it does have the atmosphere of a film. There is that sense that at any moment something might happen to change the stillness.

  3. Gorgeous photos... so inspiring!

  4. Hi Lynn, thanks for commenting over at Wander-Bird today. I don't know how I lost your RSS feed in my usual place and so lost track of your blog for some time (since before you move) - but that's fixed now! Now to read some of your older posts :-)

    And, by the way, I'm excited to hear about your story! Sounds great!


    1. I've also had that happen with certain blogs. They suddenly disappear from my feed for no good reason.

      Thank you! I can't wait to get this round of revision / completion done.

  5. Lynn, I love all the atmospheric & architectural forces at work in your blog post. Great moody pics! And I am pretty sure that I am going to love your story. Sounds good and juicy...just like I like 'em. Should you need a gentle reader I could be one, so let me know...

    1. Thanks, Jan. Regensburg is a very photogenic city. There are amazing sights around every corner. (Well, in the downtown core, at any rate.) Thank you! - I might just take you up on your offer to read my story. (It would be at the end of this year, beginning of next.)

  6. You are right, the emptiness and void of people can be very atmospheric.. and ethereal.. lovey images for your story.

    1. Thanks, Donna. I love abandoned places - even if they're just abandoned temporarily.

  7. Gosh, it looks gorgeous where you are!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and letting me know about St Martin's Day lanterns. Coincidentally, I happened to be in Berlin over the weekend, and though I figured I probably wouldn't come across anyone with lanterns (when I read up on it, the tradition seemed not to be so prevalent in Berlin)... I did, lots of them. I'll maybe post up some pictures soon.
    Also, I've really enjoyed reading through your blog just now. I'll be sure to come back again!

    1. So glad you got to experience that, Jodi. It's a lovely tradition. (Though I still think your neep lanterns take the cake.)

  8. I want to know lots more about you. Your profile speaks o me, a fellow and follower of myths and legends and the foibles of people.

    On top of it all you live in Regensburg while I have to make do with the depths of the country on the edge between England and Wales, in the empty spaces of hill and moors.

    Not only that, but Canadians are also my favourite blogging national bloggers. I must follow you. I would love it if you cooked me up too. All I can do is write and take photographs. So you might be disappointed.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Friko. Your blog looks lovely. I've 'followed' and look forward to looking through your posts. "In the empty spaces of hill and moors" sounds like absolute heaven to me. Especially since the sea can't be too far from there either : )

  9. Hello, I've loved the wander through these narrow medieval streets. I can sense the silence! A lovely, atmospheric post.

  10. What stunning photographs, and narrative! I loved reading this post, it really appealed to my senses on so many levels. x

  11. Hello Lynn, this was poetic, I sensed magic everywhere!

    1. Lovely to hear, Arti! Glad you enjoyed the nocturnal romp : )