Wednesday 27 October 2010


 (Poppies; collage and ink sketch, ca. 9x9cm.)

One of the benefits of having a blog - I thought optimistically a few weeks ago - was that it would give me a little external incentive to actually sit down and write.  Regularly.  With a certain amount of discipline.  And routine.  My goal - knowing myself somewhat after these four decades we've spent together - was to post every three days.  A post every day was not going to happen.  Neither was a post every other day.  But I like the number three and I thought that it would be possible for me to actually meet the goal of writing a post every three days.  

(Crow; collage and ink sketch ca. 9x9cm.) 

Not so.  Time is slippery; like a well-oiled eel.  Before I know it, a week, or ten days, or more have passed without a posting.  It's not that I haven't been writing.  In fact, I think that having this blog is helping me to stick to my other writing goals: 25 pages per week on the latest draft of a middle grade reader novel I'm working on, and one new short story each month.  That's working.

(Abstract I; collage with Japanese, Indian, and Italian papers ca. 9x9cm.)

But my blog.  I think that part of the problem is the same one I have with writing letters back to people.  There is the desire to craft something thoughtful and well put together, something which the other person will really enjoy receiving.  But then I am daunted.  Do I have the time and energy to do such a thing just now?  Maybe I'd do a better job a little bit later today.  Or tomorrow.  Or in a week, or ten days, or more.  See how easily it happens?  

(Queen Anne's Lace; collage and ink sketch on 12x12 canvas)

At least while I've been neglecting my blog, I have been busy working in a new direction with my painting, which is in fact not painting at all.  As with my leather journals a couple of weeks back, I thought I'd make use of all of this gorgeous paper I've been hording for years now, and actually make something with it.  Getting ready for Christmas, I thought I'd work on small collages - some with and some without little ink drawings (which I so love doing!) 

That's been fun, but I missed my blog.  So here I am.  Climbing back on the wagon again and promising myself not to so negligent.  We'll see.  


  1. these collages are gorgeous lynn! and so is your blog! and yay on your artist's studio! where is it? I wish I could have come to your open studio :)

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Stephaine! I'm really enjoying figuring out both the blog and the collages.

    I'm very lucky to have found a studio in the Glockenbach Viertel at Holzstrasse 7. It has no windows and is in a basement, but it's a good size (I'm no longer bumping my elbows against the walls when I work on my bigger pieces), inexpensive, and is part of a co-op with other artists.

    We're having a group show in December. (The Vernissage is Dec. 10th at 7:00 and we'll have opening times throughout the month, if you're in the area and wanted to drop by. There should be more details at the studio's website:

    Your blog and collages have been a great inspiration to me. Thanks for popping in!