Wednesday 1 June 2011

Into the Green

Last week - craving green - we went for a walk through a place we hadn't been before.

In the centre of Munich lies a beautiful cemetery: the Alter Sudfriedhof (the Old South Cemetery).

One can walk along the paths which cut through the long, narrow acreage

and admire the many, many ferns

and see fascinating old trees rippling with character

or contribute to the dandelion population

one can be awestruck by the force of nature as mature trees muscle tombstones out of their way

or be touched by the attentions of the living to the dead

some so long dead that wind and rain have removed all traces of writing

reminders of nature and time and the wonderful common road we walk along.


  1. Such verdant beauty! Thank you for that shady lush stroll - it was refreshing here in the steamy Mid Atlantic US.

  2. Those pictures are making me homesick. Um, not for the cemetery, but for the green woods of my childhood. Those ferns!


  3. Lovely walk with ferns and stones and dandelion puffs!

  4. What a lush and tranquil place!

  5. Look at Rowan! He looks just like you! What a beautiful place!

  6. Glad you stopped by and enjoyed the tour, Jennifer.

    I am a complete sucker for ferns, and there were tonnes of them, Valerianna. It was lovely how they hadn't yet mowed the cemetery lawns and had left it wild - which was just perfect.

    Hi, Medieveal Muse. It is a place I plan to visit more often.

    Where does the time go, Kristin?! Rowan's 6 now. I have a photo of myself at around that age and we are the spit of one another - right down to the hair cut!

  7. What a beautiful walk, love the dandelion clock seeds just blown by a happy little boy. Have a lovely time beach combing, I am going to get there one day, want to go to Whitby as I Have a little old jet brooch given to me many years ago. It looks such a nice place. Have fun.

  8. Thanks, Milly. I'm looking forward to spending some time in Whitby. I have an old jet necklace that belonged to my great-grandmother. I've always found it a fascinating stone. Look forward to seeing the source.