Monday 28 November 2011

Liebster Blog Thanks. Zwei Mal.

Katherine Langrish, writer of folklore inspired fantasy books for children and young adults (which have been very much enjoyed by this adult), and keeper of the wonderful blog Seven Miles of Steel Thistles, has included my blog in her list of the five recipients of the Liebster Blog award.  Thank you very much, Katherine!


The premise is that this award is that it is to go to five blogs you enjoy, each with fewer than 200 followers.  Upon receiving one the protocol is to:

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you .
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Hope that the people you’ve sent the award to forward it to their five favourite bloggers.

And I'm now coming to the Zwei Mal (two times) in my title.  

A confession and an apology, actually.  A number of months ago, Kate at Ogham Moon awarded me a Liebster Blog, which I thanked her for and was going to fulfill the four points above.  However, at the time I was still finding my blog-legs and felt self-conscious about announcing an award, and I wasn't quite sure how to go about passing it along, and when I finally got it all sorted out in my shy-techno-slug of a brain, it seemed like it was too late (you know, like when you let too much time pass before responding to an e-mail, and it gets harder and harder to do).  Stupid, but there you have it.  

But now with a year of blogging under my belt, and a bit more confidence at putting myself out there, I am very happy to announce the receipt of this award.  Thank you, Katherine and Kate!  

And now, to pass it along:

Kit and Kaboodle  This fascinating blog is kept by Kate, of Ogham Moon above, and is where I first got to know her.  She combs the net for curiosities in music, video, and images, as well as posting anecdotes and pictures from her visits to interesting places in England, and sometimes (though not often enough, if I might be so bold) includes her haunting re-touched photographs.  

101 Ways to Draw a Rabbit Jan's blog is a lovely mix of whimsical musings about art, writing, and life with occasional anecdotes about a lively ferret thrown in.  I always enjoy reading her book recommendations and seeing her latest paintings, which often have mystical or fairy tale themes.

Windsongs & Wordhoards Carrie shares her wonderful, mythically themed paintings on this enchanting blog and, very generously, gives behind-the-scenes glimpses of her works in progress which is always fascinating to see. 

Jo Treggiari's blog is full of interesting, witty, insightful posts about her journey as a writer for children and young adults.  

And last, but certainly not least: Gathering Scraps This is writer Claire Massey's fairly new blog in which she posts about books and films, as well as current events in arts and letters which she attends and, at times, participates in.  Makes me wish I had a magic carpet to get out to even half of these events.  

And thanks to everyone linked to above for such diverse, creative, and inspiring blogs. 

(A - hopefully - temporary ps:  It seems the graphic for the Liebster Blog isn't showing up on my post.  Sorry.  I've been trying to fix it, but nothing seems to work.  Seems like it should be simple: copy and paste.  Even I can do that.  Going to take a break now, before rising blood pressure turns my head into a molotov cocktail.)


  1. Congratulations, Lynn! And thank you so much for passing it along to me. I have to confess that I'm a bit rubbish at blog awards (having also failed to do this properly in the past!) but I am very grateful for your kindness and lovely words and I'm really looking forward to visiting the other blogs you've mentioned. Thank you!

  2. You're very welcome, Claire!

  3. Thanks so much for thinking of me Lynn, that was a nice surprise! I've finally got around to posting the award on my blog with a few extra foxes!
    Carrie... :)
    (Windsongs and Wordhoards)

  4. Thanks for the kind words Lynn. :)

    As you know, I've been getting a bit of grief from my blog/home computer these days. My most recent fun-time issue is that I am no longer able to load photos onto from home (haven't tried work computers yet.) And, r-e-a-l-l-y, what's the point of having an art-sy blog without photos to dress things up? And - more importantly to a certain ferret I know - what am I to say to Ginger when she clamors for new photo opps? So, although I am currently down for the count, I haven't completely given up ... not just yet.

    I will keep you and my other blog pals posted.

  5. You're welcome, Carrie. I love the foxes!

    I'm sorry to hear that you're still having blogger trouble, Jan! I was having trouble a few months back with blogger and after I did a "crap clean" of my hard drive, the problem seemed to have been fixed. Don't know whether that was just coincidence...I do hope that sorts itself out soon.

  6. Lol, you got me back! Thank you so much for the award Lynn. I must sort out a bit of spare time to sit and think who I'd like to pass the award onto again; you already got Carrie who would have been my first choice from my kit and kaboodle blog list!

  7. You're very welcome, Kate!

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