Saturday 4 August 2012

the old and new in a house with antlers on it

The path to my new studio
lined with old, soul-feeding trees.

The house, ca.1850, where the forester for the Perlacher Forst once lived, complete with wooden shutters and antlers.  My new studio waits behind the top left window.  

At the edge of town in the Fasangarten.  Where the pheasants used to roam.

I adore old houses.  Their secrets.  Their twists and turns.  Each flake of paint a fragment of forgotten memory.  


Doors within doors.

The old green walls of my room.

A neutral, new white after a few hours.  

Old window clasp.

Apples just out of reach.

The spider who kept a careful eye on my paint roller.

The floors.  Wide beams with hand-hewn flooring nails.

Beautiful collages made of the remnants of old newspapers that had been pasted to the floor years and years ago. 

Stairs that twist up to an attic.

A room to store paintings.  And to talk with ghosts.  

A new phase in an old-souled house.  


  1. How exciting and inspiring too... Fab old window clasps... my sort of place too!

  2. Woo-hoo! You new studio and the photos you took of it are gorgeous! Congrats on finding such a wonderful space ~ looking forward to seeing the wonders that come out of it!

  3. What a lovely excursion you've taken us on Lynn. And the house, your studio space, could be filled with all sorts of discoveries. I can easily imagine a story that you might tell us much later of the artists of the past passing on their secrets to you.

    Hip Hip Hoorah! for your new art abode. Are you going to have a christening party? and if so, what name strikes your fancy? I like Manderley, but that's been taken ... multiples of the types of trees in the forest that you showed us, like 3,000 Oaks or Three Thousand Pines (don't know my trees) might work well.

    May this be your best studio space yet!

  4. Fabulous! Like you, I have a love of old houses with all their secrets and the ghosts of people who have gone before. It looks to be a wonderful find, Lynn, I hope your new setting brings much artistic inspiration in the months to come :-)

  5. Cool, great looking space, happy new studio to you!!

  6. What an interesting house.Foresters must have had a valued and responsible job to have been given such a large house to live in! The staircase is beautiful,it looks old but also strangely modern. Your studio floor is very pristine! Lovely photos!
    Wishing you expansive dreams here Lynn.
    Every artist deserves a good studio!


  7. Hi Green Orchid - those clasps are amazing. The house is protected, so the landlords can't chuck out the old windows and put in new ugly thermally efficient ones. I'd rather it a bit drafty and charming, than warm and ugly!

    I'm sure I'll be inspired here, Donna, and will post new works as they emerge. I feel like I've finally found a studio that I can be comfortable and productive in! It helps that for the moment I'm the only artist in there! Great way to feel my way in.

    I hadn't thought of a christening party, Jan, but I like the idea of giving the place a name. There is something so powerful about naming! As the saying goes, third time's a charm - and I hope it's so with this studio!

    Old houses are the best, Kate! I was lucky to find this, and as a bonus, it's close to home.

    It is such a great space, Valerianna! Can't wait to see what comes out of it.

    Exactly, Ruby - I was also found it interesting that such a big house would have been given to the forester. It was an important job - obviously with quite a bit of prestige, more than I realized. The stairs are amazing, and as you walk to the attic, they slope inward, and you have the odd sensation of being about to fall into the centre of the house!

    Thanks, everyone, for the good wishes in the new studio! (Sorry it's taken me so long to respond to your comments!)

  8. I am so excited for you. What a beautiful building and studio, an inspiring place to paint. Wishing you lots of wonderful days here. You must feel like a child at Christmas, a special place just for you to escape to and just do whatever you want, your very own studio. Have fun. Millyx

  9. Thanks, Milly! It is a wonderfully freeing feeling to have one's own studio. Although I've managed to make a number of paintings and collages in the small room in our flat which I've used when I've not had a studio - practically bumping my elbows on the walls - it is such a different feeling to have a room to be creative in away from home and all of its distractions. I'm looking forward - giddily! - to a productive phase ahead.

  10. hey--you showed up on the radar and over i tootled and you have a new studio! hurrah! congrats.