Wednesday 17 October 2012


Our neighbour has a cat.

His cat had kittens.

Now, we have a kitten.  

Meet Molly.


  1. Everything is better with kittens *grin* Uber-cuteness!

    Hello Molly!

  2. Kittens are so beautiful and Molly is particularly good looking! She's no doubt great fun to have around too!


  3. Hi Kate! She's at that perfect kitten stage - tonnes of cuteness and energy.

    Molly sends her greetings, Green Orchid!

    Hi Valerianna. I love how you get an idea of just how small she is in this shot. Though, she's actually grown noticeably since then!

    Yes, Donna. I can't imagine how we managed for so long without a kitten! Molly says hi!

    She is so much fun, Ruby. Our hands are covered in scratches from playing with her when she's in her rambunctious moods.

  4. Had to go backward to find Molly's blog beginnings ... I think that you may have to use her as your muse sometimes ... if you haven't already. Can't have too many cat paintings, right?!

    I've been watching a live-stream internet site that is showing a mom cat and her kittens ... it is so present moment in that you can see their little bellies rising and falling as they sleep. I would love to have a kitty, but they are not compatible with ferrets. :(

    1. Hi Jan. I'd love to try cat paintings, though, I might have to settle for drawings. I remember your cat painting well - its gorgeous.

      I can imagine that Ginger would't be so happy with a kitten in the house. Shame about that. Funny how some animals just don't get along. I'll post more Molly pics so you can have ersatz kitty joy.

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    1. Thanks, Juliet, It's the first time I've had a cat in a good ten years and it's really lovely!

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    1. Thanks, Patricia.
      She such a fun, affectionate cat.