Thursday 19 September 2013

settling into a new home

Well, I'm finally emerging from moving hell.    

After five years in two different places in Munich, we've settled down into life in the centre of Regensburg's old town.  The view from my studio room is to Haidplatz, the town's main square.

It's a beautiful Mediaeval city with narrow streets and twisty alleys everywhere.  Some impressive remains of Roman walls can be seen in a few places.  And whimsically coloured buildings each with their own distinct style and personality.

Being on the forth floor, we have a view out the back windows to the hills that rise above the Danube not a ten minute walk away.  

The skies are different here to Munich.  Someone who once lived here told me that it's rainy and cloudy from September 'till April.  Good thing I love the rain.  

And that's another thing about being on the top floor:  we can hear the rain falling on the roof, something I've missed for years. 

The building of our place was begun in 1250.  Our flat was once part of the attic.  The beams in the ceiling of the main room have (thankfully) been left exposed.    

Slowly, order is being made of complete and absolute chaos.

I always feel better once my art supplies are in place.  


A couple of weeks ago, in the thick of the move, we escaped to see an art exhibit at a local gallery: Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie.  It featured the figure drawings and prints by German artist Käthe Kollwitz (1867-1945).   

Not an easy exhibit.  Her art is powerful. Her subject matter includes exploited weavers; peasants on the verge of revolt; women in their raw grief after losing a child.  She sometimes worked in cycles, working on a specific theme and utilizing motifs and symbols over a period of years.

An amazing photo of the artist, a woman who lived through much in terms of her own personal tragedies, as well as living through the the horrors that were the first and second world wars.  

As I slowly get to know my new home, I'll be taking photos and posting them here.  

We discovered that right next to the gallery where the Kollwitz exhibit is running there's marionette theatre: Regensburger Figurentheater im Stadtpark.  That's something which I'm very much looking forward to seeing.  

I'll leave you with a couple of Regensburger pigeons settling on a rooftop in the rain.  

No, we don't eat them.  


  1. Happy settling in, Lynn! And, oh yes, Kollwitz's work is so beautifully poignant and not easy at all, but also profoundly moving. I have always loved the way she used the charcoal - raw yet elegant all at once. Please share after you have gone to the marionette theatre, what fun!

    1. Thanks, Valerianna!
      I plan to go back to the exhibit. There are a few pieces in particular that I'd like to look at again. The emotional intensity of her work is overwhelming. Best taken in small doses, for me at least.
      I'll certainly share my visit to the marionette theatre.
      Equinox greetings to you!

  2. Wishing you all the best in your new home! It looks like a beautiful and exciting town. Marionette theatre ~ La!

    1. Thank you, Donna!
      As I wander through town, it often feels as though I've stepped into a fairy tale. Lots of writing inspiration!
      When I read about the marionette theatre, I was thrilled. Can't wait to see a show.
      Sending you Equinox greetings!

    2. What a wonderful view and a lovely colourful city you live in, reminds me of a Hans Anderson illustration!
      How wonderful for me to read you have been to a kathe kollwitz exhibition, I 26 years ago I named my daughter after kathe, but spelt it as some have done kaethe, I was introduced to her work by a friend who is an American artist, wonderful heart felt work.
      Good. Luck in your new place.

    3. Amazing to hear that you named your daughter after Kollwitz, CC! I wish I'd been introduced to her work earlier. I find that I keep thinking about the exhibit - I'll have to go back for another look.
      Thanks for the well wishes in the new place!

  3. Oh my stars, what a gorgeous place to live! It looks like a fairytale. I understand all about moving hell, especially when you're an artist. Supplies vanish when you need them and reappear once you've bought replacements, and the thing you're looking for is never on top in the box. Ugh.

    1. I keep having to pinch myself, it's so lovely. Especially for someone like me who's spent most of her life in the downtown core of a modern North American city (Toronto).
      You're absolutely right about nothing ever being at the top of the box! I've found all of my art supplies, but am still looking for my favourite wool scarf - which I certainly need now that the weather is turning!

  4. It must feel wonderful to have a bird's eye view and I imagine you will also have good light for painting.Great to find this special exhibition on your doorstep when you arrived.The architecture looks beautiful - I look forward to seeing more........

    Wishing you all the best in your new home Lynn,

    1. Thank you for your well wishes, Ruby!
      It is a lovely view. And yes - I've got really good light for painting. The place is surprisingly bright even though it used to be the attic.
      I'm a bit overwhelmed by all of the exhibits and events that are going on all the time. I'll be sure to post more!

  5. I, too, love the rain! I love the look of it and I love the sound of it on the roof. In fact, I am missing it sorely now that we no longer live in the notoriously rainy city of Seattle. Sob! :/ Still, I am happy when those that I care about are happy. And I believe that you will be happy after fully settling in (in Regensburg), if your photos are any indication of the beauty in the hills and the architecture. Plus it sounds like the art scene has made it's way there, too. Great to have you back in the blog-o-sphere, you've given me a reason to go online a-g-a-in. Thanks for the lovely photos and for continuing to share some of your story. Hugs and love, jan

    1. It must be a totally different climate where you are now. I lived for about a year in Victoria, BC the same grey, drizzly weather. Which is why everything is so green. What is the new climate like? I was surprised to learn that California is surprisingly varied. I had a very narrow view of what it was like.
      Lady Susan is next on my 'to read' pile. Thank you once again sending it my way!

  6. Hi Lynn--

    Thank you for coming by my e-domicile, and congratulations for finding such a wonderful new abode--love the rafters! I have a federal house (young compared to yours) am often astonished at how much effort it takes to keep an old house from just lying down from age and weariness after several centuries of life. Galleries that make good choices and a puppet theatre--sounds a lovely corner of the city.

    1. Not that long ago, this whole building was on its knees, having just about given up the ghost. It was purchased and extensively renovated and brought back to life. I am so glad that they left the beams exposed. Unfortunately in my studio, they've been encased in a dropped ceiling. Many Germans don't like them because they look old and rough!!

      I'm going to check out the puppet theatre this month. Looking forward to it.