Thursday 19 December 2013

She sang the faeries to her.

It hasn't been a terribly creative time lately, but I have managed two collages.  As always, I came up with a line of text inspired by each photograph and added it to the collage.  

"She sang the faeries to her, with a voice of nectar and thistles." 

When I came across this antique photo in London's Spitalfields Antiques market, I knew I had to use it in a collage.  It's the first I've used with an animal in it, and only the second with a man rather than a woman or girl.  

In both collages, I collected the flint pebbles from Brighton beach last month.  Also the mermaid's purse.  The shell is from a beach on a Danish island.  And the piece of sea pottery from the lovely etsy shop: North Sea Treasures.  

"They combed the shore together, looking for the water sprites they knew lived amongst the shells, pebbles of flint, and mermaids' purses."