Tuesday 21 September 2010

First Post

This feels really odd. 

Sort of the computer equivalent of walking down the street talking to yourself.
I was thinking that I should probably go into a bit of detail about why I've just started a blog, but posing that question to myself made me realize that I'm not quite sure why I have.  It was a bit of an impulse thing, really. 

I do want to have a place to give exposure to my paintings.  But then why not just a website?  Perhaps the biggest reason for starting this blog is that I've been following  a few blogs over the past couple of years, and have been completely, overwhelmingly inspired by them.  There's a great community of interesting people out there sharing stories and having discussions about such topics as fairy tales, myth, nature and its landscapes, art, literature, music, and how they interact with one another, play off one another, feed off one another.  

Guess I just wanted to jump in and see what happens.
Welcome, to anyone who ventures by.



  1. Good luck with it, Lynn - this is where my own blog was, a year ago. There are lots of us out here, just as you say - and thanks for following 'Steel Thistles'.

  2. Hi Lynn Love the blog name.
    I'm not sure either why blog except I love to be in touch with other artists. It's tough working alone and living on the edge. There does seem to be a fair few of us in the blog sphere though. Your paintings are lovely, look forwards to being in touch.