Tuesday 27 March 2012


The skies were grey for far too long, yet somehow in this change, there's a certain sweet melancholy.

My youngest made a nest for me from pussy willow.

Spring.  Nests.  Home.  Beginnings.
These thoughts are making their way into my paintings.
I feel as though I'm at a precipice of new possibilities.  A fundamental turning.

One I look forward to exploring; in my painting and writing.    


  1. I love them, the simplicity. Lois

  2. I agree with Lois - I love the simplicity. Here's to rejuvenation and new possibilities!

  3. Spring always brings with it such vibrancy and energy.I love the subtle blues in your paintings Lynn.
    Enjoy Spring!

  4. I l-o-v-e your paintings ... the colors you chose ... definitely the vibe of spring, and a certain fragile expectancy, comes through. And I love the pussy-willow nest ... love pussy-willows anyway ... something animated comes through with the visual/sensual/touch presence of them.

    Got the first of your pc's and I was glad of it. It is sooooo wonderful to get things in the mail! Thank you. Now, I am thinking that I will return the favor ... but where are those gosh-darn stamps. Couldn't find them this morning. Shesh, I think that a band of the fair folk may be visiting me. :D

  5. Oh, those new paintings ~ they certainly do evoke the possibility of new beginnings! They are vibrant and calm (both at once) and are full of a gentle poignancy. Happy Spring!

  6. Thanks, Cranky!

    Sonia, thank you.

    Thanks so much, Lois.

    Thank you, Kate. A hearty yes! to "rejuvenation and new possibilities".

    Thanks Ruby, and I hope you're enjoying Spring too!

    I'm glad it arrived, Jan! I love how you said "a certain fragile expectancy." That's beautiful. Thanks.

    Thank you, Donna! Happy Spring

  7. Both the nest and the painting are wonderful! Happy spring to you!!
    Oh, and your post card idea from your other post seems so lovely, I wish I weren't about to move.

  8. Thanks, Jodi! Happy spring and all the best with your move.

  9. Hi Lynn,
    We are having beautiful weather this springtime with so much sun!
    Ah, the little nest is precious and so is your new work. I love the gentleness in your painting and the feeling of new beginnings and possibilities.
    Many Blessings,

  10. Thanks, Velma. I'm curious to see where it takes me.

    Thanks, Claire. I love nests too - they are beautiful as objects, as assemblages, for what they might contain in their actual structure, for their function...

  11. The nest with a golden egg, love the textures in the paint work. Every time I see a birds nest I marvel at the structure, how a bird could make it and weave all the strands with a beak is beyond belief. Children make such sweet gifts, one to keep and treasure. Nearly forgot to wish you a
    Happy Easter . X

  12. Thanks, Milly. Nests are amazing - so complex and beautiful.