Thursday 10 February 2011


The first time I came to Munich was as a tourist, and  I viewed the city with a tourist's eyes.  Now that I live here - and have for about two and a half years - I have fallen into the trap of not really seeing it.  I became starkly aware of that today, on my way home.

With my usual brisk city-stride, I turned down a street - one I've been down before -  and was suddenly struck by the beauty of a wooden door.

At first, I kept right on going, but then thought - if I were here as a tourist, I would probably have stopped in front of it.  So, a little sheepishly, I retraced my steps and stood in front of the door.  I admired it then pulled out my camera and took a snapshot.

 Then I carried on, and a few feet later, came to another door.

I stopped again, admired, and took a snap.  Then I saw one on the other side of the street.  This went on and on.  The workmen digging up the street watched me - this funny woman in the wine-coloured coat and teal beret - taking pictures of old doors.    

  When I looked at the doors, really looked at them, I was blown away by how much craftsmanship and planning and care had been put into making them.  Doors.  Such banal, day to day things.  But not really.  There is something quite wonderful about a door, an entrance, a passage.  Something magical.  A barrier, an obstacle.  Keeping things in, and other things out.  A keeper of secrets.  Protector of realms.  An opportunity.  An unobtainable dream.

 What lies beyond.    


  1. Oh, I especially like the last photo you posted. I have seen that kind of arch-way in quite a few european ?movies. One I recall that starred Ethan Hawke and a french actress. I really liked it ... what's the name of it ... oh yeah, 'Before Sunset' starring Julie Delpy ... she sang a sweet song ... and it was a sweet story ... I'm going to have to put it on hold at the local library. Keep posting ... I am really liking being one of your followers.

    I have a few blogs ... check them out if you are at all interested (below).


    ps I have always (yes, always) liked and remembered doors ... I remember one I saw in Morocco, when I was just a wee girl. True.

  2. Thanks, Jan.

    I haven't seen that movie - but I will look for it.

    I've seen photos of doors (and walls) in Morocco. The colours are magnificent, and under that strong sun. What wonderful impressions you must have of your time/trip there.

  3. I have a great fondness for doors - truth told any kind of portal really. Some of these are really lovely Lynn, as you say, the quality of craftsmanship in them is often astounding. Loving the thought of you perplexing the workman also, long may such seeming eccentricities reign!

  4. It was fun. I must be sure to do it again!

  5. I also have always been fascinated with doors-- first for the craft and beauty of the wood and carvings and second for the poetry of the idea of doors-- portals for the journey.

  6. I love how you put that "the poetry of the idea of doors". You've captured it beautifully.