Monday 10 October 2011

Spitalfields and a year of blogging.

I've finally finished the six Spitalfields collages.  I almost didn't want to, as it was so much fun making them and thinking about their possible stories.  Their stories haven't been written down yet.  That's something for the winter months.

"She returned from India with a splinter of its saffron sun lodged deep in her heart."

"Her heart broke into a storm of black feathers." 

"It was only in the morning's solitary twilight that she could hear that feathered song murmur through her thirsty bones." 

"She collected shell after shell - ever searching for the one that would sing her the sea." 

"Page after midnight page saw the feverish scribbles of his laudanum dreams." 

"He told her the necklace he gave her contained secrets of the Spanish sun."

It's been just over a year since I began this blog - in a rash, what-the-hay sort of a moment.  It was all the rasher for my being a rather shy person with a bad record of fist-fights with my computer.  But I made the plunge and am very glad that I did.  (Wanted to post on the actual day - Sept. 21 - but I'm so not organized enough for that.)  

At the beginning, I had no real idea or vision or plan for this blog.  Still don't.  Over this past year it's just meandered along in its own, organic way.  At first I was a bit uncertain about just how meandering it was - stopping at this topic, taking a look at that topic, tripping over yet another one.  I'm not anymore.  

All of the blogs which I read and enjoy seem to spring naturally from the person writing them.  There are some which focus on very specific things, perhaps just a person's progress with their paintings, or their writing, others are more of a mix including anecdotes about life, family, kids, mythology, stories, song, travel.  

In my first post, I wrote that one of my reasons for starting a blog was to reach out to the community of like minded people out there in the blog-sphere.  That's happened and it's been a real enrichment.  The exchange of ideas and inspiration which blogging allows is truly incredible.  

Thanks and a hearty welcome to everyone who has stopped by my little acre of this whimsical new land.     


  1. Just love the new work and the descriptions.:))
    I have enjoyed stopping in to read about all your adventures.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Happy blog birthday! I'm so glad you started it, I love to drop in.

  3. I now consider you to be a friend Lynn, so I am pleased to be able to celebrate your first year out as a blogger extraordinaire! You rock and your blog rocks ... congratulations!!! :D

  4. These collages are rich in textures and history and memories.

  5. Lynn, these collages are very beautiful and so inspiring in combination with the texts. It is as if you wrote down a bit of your own story... (although I don't know it).

    I understand very well the feeling you describe about blogging, as I've made similar experiences. Even after only a few months of setting up my art blog I've already have got so much out of it. It's been a booster for my creativity and art - probably because of this paradoxically anonymous and intimate circle of artists from all around the world, showing their work, commenting, encouraging... it's really great.

  6. Thank you for your comment, Karen!

    Thanks, Katherine. You were the first hop on board and to leave a comment here - which was greatly appreciated!

    Thank you, Jan! I feel the same about you and your blog.

    Thanks, that's what I was trying to achieve with them, Donna. I'm glad it comes across. It's an interesting task/challenge to "create" memory and history while using a bit of real yet unknown memory and history. (If that makes any sense.)

    Sue, thanks! It's good to hear that you've been having a good first few months with your beautiful blog. It is such a unique (if a bit odd at first) way of connecting and exchanging ideas. You're right about the paradoxical mix of anonymous and intimate. That seems to be part of its strength.

  7. The six collages make a lovely group, all complimenting each other, with lovely old sepia tones. And your words give them another interesting angle, asking us about these people and their life and story, really lovely.
    A year of blogging, glad to hear you have enjoyed the journey. It is good to share, to be inspired by others, to achieve things through the blogging. I know I have. And of course meeting other people and their blogs.
    I guess I should thank you, through your visit to Robin Hoods Bay and Whitby, I later had a little trip there. You gave me the push I needed to go.
    Happy blogging, another year will be gone before you know.

  8. These are beautiful......and I love the colours!

  9. Thanks, Milly. So glad I inspired you to get to Robin Hood's Bay and Whitby. Wonderful places, both.

    Thank you, Ruby.

  10. Gorgeous. Thank you for these and I eagerly await their stories.

  11. Thanks, Jane!
    Fragments of the stories are floating about in my head...

  12. They are beautiful! I always love visiting your blog. Congratulations on a year of blogging and here's to many more!x

  13. I love these. Love the blog, too. Especially the name. And Happy Blog Birthday! Going to look at your shop.

  14. Thanks, Claire!

    And thank you, Melinda!

  15. Congratulations on making it passed the one-year mark. I'm nearly there too.
    Thanks for sharing your collages. I'm feeling inspired to find some old photos myself, although not sure what I'll do with them yet.

  16. Thanks, Lunar Hine.
    There is a certain magic to old photos.

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