Monday 29 October 2012

Collages and Flea Market finds and Poems.

Ok.  That's not really the order I wanted to put things in.  The first thing I wanted to mention - because I'm frankly giddy over it - is that my poem "skin" has been accepted by Mythic Delirium.  

Mike Allen has posted the poems to appear in Issue 28, to be released Spring 2013:

  • Día de los Muertos F.J. Bergmann
  • The Beast Rachel Manija Brown
  • Mice Beth Cato
  • Maud Gonne, After Alicia Cole
  • The Serpent Explains the Nature of Tricksters to His Wife Ruthanna Emrys
  • The Princess Becomes a Prophet Jeannine Hall Gailey
  • Wheels Adele Gardner
  • The Last Siren Andrew Gilstrap
  • The Green Green Rain Neile Graham
  • skin Lynn Hardaker
  • Circe In Manhattan Wendy Howe
  • Gleaming Mari Ness
  • The Theatre Golems Dominik Parisien
  • Rare Annie Caitlyn Paxson
  • How to Bring Your Dead Lover Back K.L. Pereira
  • The Motor Prayer Donald Raymond
  • Doomcall Alistair Rennie
  • Persephone Set Free Sofia Samatar
  • Revising Horror (The Wrong Mouth) David Sandner
  • The Nostalgia of Roads Alexandra Seidel
  • The Ceremony of Innocence Sonya Taaffe

I'm thrilled, and looking forward to reading this issue. May sound corny, but it really is an honour to have one of my poems included.  Many thanks to Mike and Anita for including it.  

A couple of days ago, I went to an outdoor market in town.  They had stalls selling everything from fifty different types of brushes, to ones selling beautiful ceramics.  Some sold antiques.  I scrounged through these, looking for items for my collages.  Unfortunately, it was slim pickens.  No letters older than WWI, and most of the people in most of the old photos didn't speak to me.  Got some old keys and coins too.  

And - another of the new, smaller collages I've been working on.

(pressed leaf, painted papers, japanese & italian papers, 
fragment of an old letter, two small metal beads, 
15 x 15 cm.)

Heavens, Valerianna just reminded me of the storm - I'm a bit sheltered from news of it, I'm afraid.
Wishing everyone well who might be affected by it.

Monday 22 October 2012

Paintings, collages, and melancholic walls.

I've finished three more small collages, and have six others in progress.  For the ones in progress, I decided I wanted to include something different.  After coming across Karen's beautiful Etsy shop: Arte Bella Surplus, I went bead-mad and ordered a colourful assortment of glass beads, which I'm eagerly awaiting.  As soon as I've completed them, I'll post photos.  

(dried leaf; stone; antique letter fragments; stamp; hand painted papers; 
Japanese and Italian papers; 15 x 15 cm.)

In the studio, I've been working on larger scale paintings for a show I have in a Ministry building here in Munich in March.  It's a very big building with very big walls.  So, I need to complete a big series of big paintings.

One thing I've learned about myself: when I'm supposed to be working on one type of thing, suddenly other types of things become so much more appealing.

(oil and cold wax on wood 30 x 30 cm.)

 (oil and cold wax on wood 20 x 20 cm.)

This is a small series, of small paintings (30 x 30 / 20 x 20 / 15 x 15 cm.)  It's done: I painted the edges black this morning.  With luck, I'll be able to find a small venue for these.

On my cycle home from the studio today, I took photos of some of the melancholic walls of autumn I encountered.

Forgive me for wrapping this up with another Molly shot.  Asleep in my lap.
I am not going to need a hot water bottle this Winter.

Wednesday 17 October 2012


Our neighbour has a cat.

His cat had kittens.

Now, we have a kitten.  

Meet Molly.