Friday 17 May 2013

Fox prints at the edge of the forest.

This is a slightly tidied up version of the tidiest part of my desk right now.    
A reflection of the recent state of its owner. 

The past few months have been a bit like being lost in the Depths of the Forest, but light is filtering through the thinning trees at its edges.  A path is emerging.  Some big changes ahead.  Some new possibilities.  I’ll be writing more about them as they approach.  Or rather, as I approach them.    
At the New Moon, once I'd started to see my own forest path, a charming gray fox happened across it.  

I’ve been reading Sylvia Linsteadt’s blog The Indigo Vat for a while now, enjoying her image-and-word stories about the wilds of Northern California she shares with foxes, bobcats, jackrabbits, coyotes.  Her stories weave a beautiful, soul-deep magic binding old tales; the wilderness of her home; and the wilderness deep within each of us.  

Recently, she has been offering monthly retellings of old tales through her “Gray Fox Epistle” series.  I received her tale for May: a re-telling of the Scottish tale Tamlin.  Everything about it is enchanting.  You can read about the creation of each of her tales at her Gray Fox Epistle blog.

One exciting thing on the horizon, which I’ll write more about soon, is singing at a Jane Austen Ball in a nineteenth century ballroom in Regensburg.  Now I just have to dust off my voice and lock up my nerves in a small box somewhere...

And, because I love including photos, a picture of my own grey fox.
My lap appears to have shrunk in these past few months.      

Molly, May 2013

Molly, October 2012


  1. So good to see you here!! And what a cute kitty, all grown up! Sounds like a fun gig, good luck dusting off the voice!

    1. Hi Valerianna! I've been so neglectful of my blog lately, but it's good to be back.
      Molly has grown. And she's started to bring offerings from outdoors. On more evenings than I care to count, she's brought home the biggest live earthworm she can find and left it on the floor in my room. Can't wait for the mice.

  2. Nice introduction to some of the things in and coming into your life. And I am always eager to see photos of the ever-expanding kitty! Nice before and after. lol.

    1. Hi Jan! It's amazing how she's grown. She used to climb up our legs, which we put a stop to. The other day, she tried it again a few times, but being four times as big now, it wasn't quite as cute as we used to think. I'm looking forward to a good and productive time ahead after this long stagnation period. It does seem to go like that though, periods of retreat followed by moving forward. I hope!

  3. It seems everyone is slowly growing into springtime. Winter has been rough this year. I understand that we all need a break from time to time from blogging.
    Lovely to see you back and all the very best with singing at the ball, it sounds wonderful and what a great experience for you!
    Your little cat is beautiful. I could just hug her!

  4. That was a brutal winter, Jo May. Too long, too dark.
    I agree that it's good to take a blogging break every now and then if we need to.
    Thanks about the singing gig - it's not until November, but planning has begun. It's fascinating to see what all goes into an event like this. I want to post photos as it develops.
    Molly has been such a wonderful addition to the family. Yes, she is rather huggable!

  5. Hi Lynn,
    Just stopping by to wish you well with planning the singing event. I can imagine how much work it will be. Just enjoy the process and let me know when you are back blogging again!
    Give Molly a big hug from me. Little sweetheart! xx

    1. Thank you, Joanna May! It's amazing seeing all that goes into putting on a Ball like this. We're also preparing for a move - to Regensburg in two months.

      I've been having a bit of a break from blogging, simply because I've been preoccupied with other things. But I do hope to return to regular posting soon.

      Molly hug administered! Give one to Zigsa - such a handsome fellow!

  6. I love looking at studio clutter,which seems to effortlessly form itself into perfect still lives......but ....there is always a time when it requires clearing up.Out with the old to make way for the new!

    Zen Molly certainly knows how to meditate!

  7. Yes, Ruby, I always love it when clutter does magically form something quite pleasing to the eye! Mine was getting totally out of control. Which is my pattern. I clean and organize everything, then it slowly morphs into a comfy sort of a mess, which is usually followed after a while, but complete and total chaos. At which point I have to repeat the whole cycle.

    Zen Molly - I like that! We can learn so much from animals - especially cats - about taking a bit of time to recharge.